Survivors and Families

The moments following the diagnosis of a brain injury can be confusing. Below, we provide some general guidance and resources for injury survivors and their families.

"Brain Injury Affects The Whole Family" - This excellent resource from the Brain Injury Association of America guides families and caregivers through the days, weeks, and months following the diagnosis of a brain injury of a loved one.

First Things First - This is an extensive guide to who to call and what to do in the wake of a diagnosis, including contact information for agencies such as Medicaid.

Adult and Child-Specific Resources - This is an additional list of resources and contacts for both adult and pediatric brain injuries.

Guide To The Recovery Process - This is a list of common symptoms and effects of brain injury, who to contact for help, and suggestions for mitigating said symptoms.

List of National Brain Injury Resources - This list provides some of the most well-known and comprehensive resources nationwide.

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Services Overview We Provide a Number of Services to Brain Injury Suvivors and Professionals and their Families.

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