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When you are working with someone who seem to be stuck on one subject (often some slight or injustice in the past) and they cannot seem to focus on the issues you are trying to address now - ask about brain injury.

When someone misses appointments more often then they make them or shows up on the wrong day or at the wrong time for an appointment - ask about brain injury.

If a person is providing you with a history or trying to tell you a story and they don't seem to be following a consistent timeline, jumping back and forth in time while telling the story without letting you know they are doing so - ask about brain injury.

If you have a "difficult" client or customer who cannot seem to finish paperwork, handle any frustration or delay, and angers easily - ask about brain injury.

It is extremely hard to get the help and support you need when you cannot remember appointments, maintain focus long enough to fill out paperwork, problem solve, cope with frustration or control your emotions and getting an advocate to help someone complete a process can be very beneficial.  Just knowing that you are working with  someone who is struggling with the cognitive deficits of brain injury and not just "being difficult" can help you to support them.  BRAIN INJURY IS INVISIBLE!

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Services Overview We Provide a Number of Services to Brain Injury Suvivors and Professionals and their Families.

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