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March 25, 2020: Our operations are continuing, but behind locked doors at this time. Please call ahead or when you arrive to gain access to the Durable Medical Equipment Loan Closet. We want to continue to prevent falls by providing equipment to keep people safe. Falls are the leading cause of head injury in the elderly.

If you need a check from our representative payee, call ahead and we will bring it to you at the door. I realize many of the people we serve see their visits to our office as socialization, and we consider that to be very important. Right now, however, the overriding concern has to be for the health and safety of the BIAW employees and their families.

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The main goal of the Brain Injury Alliance of Wyoming is to support, inform, and assist persons with brain injuries and those around them. 

The diagnosis of a brain injury can be devastating, and resources are often scattered and difficult to locate. Through our website as well as our office, we provide literature on brain injury prevention, diagnosis, and management. Our staff assist families in finding the right resources, including doctors and other agencies. We also offer courses in brain-injury related topics to workplaces, schools, state agencies, and other places that are high-risk for brain injury.

We seek to support injury survivors by providing one-on-one support as well as support groups to help brain survivors victims cope and find encouragement. We also distribute literature for spouses and family members on how to best support survivors. 

Our staff assist injury survivors according to their unique needs, which can involve helping them search for jobs or housing, or providing case management, representative payeeship, and guardianship services. We ultimately seek to be a hub where any community member can come with questions, needs, or issues relating to brain injury.


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Services Overview We Provide a Number of Services to Brain Injury Suvivors and Professionals and their Families.

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